Dean's Paving

"We have the most state of the art equipment & 27 year experience in buisness with a reputation to back it"!


For a new driveway we put down three inches of blacktop, which compacts to two an a half to two an three quarters. We use certified state approved materials from Callanans, Tilcon, Eastern Materials and Thalle Industries. We also prep with the right amount of base, for a good foundation for the driveway.



For Sealcoating there is two types of sealers:


The first type of sealer is a oil base sealer that we recommend on new driveways and parking lots.


The second type of driveway sealer is a latex with sand waterbase. We recommend this type for older driveways and parking lots, which helps fill in cracks and/or rough areas in parking lots or driveways.



There are two ways to do hot mix patching.

1.Tac-coat on patch

2. Sawcut an patch

Hot tar is placed around edges of patches for both senerios.

Hot oil & Chip:

We regrade area to be oil & chipped, Put down a heavy coat of hot oil, apply a fine chip and roll in with a ten ton roller.